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Available beginning 24 Nov 2014

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Welcome to my website. I am glad you're here. Roam around. See my latest release. Catch up on things in my world and my characters' world. From time to time the characters will chime in with behind the scenes tidbits. Enjoy.

*** The Last Truth ***

In WWII Linette Van Linder’s life is torn apart when her family is picked up by the Waffen SS for hiding Jews. Linette escapes Amsterdam with the help of an American journalist, Michael St. John. Unable to turn his back on the beautiful Dutch girl, he takes her to the American Mission to help her obtain an exit visa. The only visas available are for American dependents. Michael proposes marriage, and they leave on mail airplane.

In London, Linette joins Churchill’s Special Operation Executive, helping to set up spy ring in her homeland. After Pearl Harbor, Michael joins the American Army. In spite of Linette and Michael joining different armies, they struggle to keep their marriage together. As the war rages on, both Michael and Linette struggle to come to grips with what they’ve seen, understand who they’ve become and win the fight over the Nazi Germany.